If you’d like to hear more of RV’s keys, here are some of the records where you can find him:

Blackalicious ‘The Craft’

Most songs on underground hip hop legends Blackalicious’ 5th release were built around jam sessions conducted by Chief Xcel and involving Parisians Vincent Segal (cello), RV (keys), Sebastien martel (guitar), and California’s own Teak Underdue (bass).
The resulting raw material was then sculpted into Blackalicious beats by the Chief, then made complete with The Gift Of Gab’s thunderous flow.

Lateef & The Chief ‘Maroons’

Righteous rapper Lateef The Truth Speaker and bombastic producer Chief Xcel’s soulful hip hop gem features RV on several tracks.

Check out the ghost track, ‘First Draw,’ which is Lateef and X’s spin on GE’s ‘Techno Kid.’

Femi Kuti ‘Shoki Shoki’

The son of Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti, Femi brought Afrobeat back to the forefront with this 21st century masterpiece.

RV’s clavinet and Fender-Rhodes open the album and can be heard throughout the record.

Jel ‘Soft Money’

Anticon’s premier beatmaker’s latest art-hop experiment.

Jel invited RV to join in on the deviance on ‘All Around’ and ‘Know You Don’t.’

Lifesavas ‘Spirit In  Stone’

Another west-coast underground hip hop classic, courtesy of Portland-based masters Jumbo, Vursatyl and Rev. Shines. Clavinets and such on ‘Soldierfied’ and ‘Emerge.’

Betamax ‘Betamax’

Released in 2001 on Parisian indie label Bloom Records, this album was conceived in part by RV, alongside fellow band members Sebastien Martel and Cyril Aveque, and British singer Juliette McGill.
Produced on the same computer, and around the same time that GE was initiated, some of the cuts are sonic cousins to the ones found on ‘Cliquety Kliqk.’ Like a cross between GE and The Cardigans.

Flipsyde ‘We The People’

An Oakland-based trio consisting of rapper Piper, singer Steve Knight and guitar player Dave Lopez, Flipsyde released their first album on Interscope.

Produced by Bay Area mainstay Michael Urbano, their music is an upfront mix of Hip Hop and Rock. Check for Clavinet, Fender-Rhodes and SH-101 throughout the album.

Bart Davenport ‘Game Preserve’

Bay Area’s subtle singer/songwriter Bart Davenport’s second album, a willowy mix of indie pop and 70s classic rock. RV played some piano and wrote/arranged strings on a couple of tracks.

Vista Le Vie ‘A Futuristic Family Film’

A French Downtempo Electronica duo, Vista Le Vie invited RV for a co-write on one track of their album.

The collaboration gave birth to ‘First Class,’ which RV also sings on.