Cliquety Kliqk

1 – C’est l’introduction
2 – Frost On Your Sunglasses
3 – Facing That Void
4 – C’entral Park
5 – Time To Undress
6 – Tu M’intrigues
7 – Terms And Conditions Apply
8 – Take You Out Tonight
9 – Le Carousel Cosmique
10 – Brain Collage
11 – Parachute
12 – Techno Kid

[audio:,,,,|titles=Frost On Your Sunglasses,F’acing That Void, Central Park, Time to undress, Tu m’intrigues, Terms and Conditions apply]

RV did the writing, arranging, performing, recording and producing except when lateef rhymed on “facing that void” and “take you out tonight” when Chief Xcel cut it up on “Facing tha Void” when Feetal monologued on “Brain Collage” and when Sarah did the paranormal vocals on “Tu M’intrigues”. Recorded on and off between 2000 and 2003 in bedrooms and basements of Paris, San Francisco, Seattle and Berkeley using a computer and Shure SM57 mic. Mixed in the computer. Lateef’s vocals were recorded by Bond Bergland at San Pablo Recorders, Berkeley.

Mike Marsh did the mastering at The Exchange, London. Jesse Mc Millin did the cover and design. Gear: Clavinet C, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond L100, Roland SH101 Monophonic Synth, Fender Quad Reverb Amp, The ghost of a drumkit, Toy Percussions and various sound processors (vintage whas/distorsions/filters, Korg Kaoss Pad, Digitech Wahmmy Pedal).